Joseph Lubin is a Canadian entrepreneur. He founded and co-founded several companies, including Swiss-based Ethereum, a decentralized cryptocurrency platform, and is the founder of ConsonSys

Joseph Lubin Career

Joseph Lubin’s career has included various positions in technology and finance and their intersection. After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton, he worked as a research assistant at the Princeton Robotics Laboratory and then at Vision Applications, Inc., a private company. in the field of autonomous mobile robotics, machine vision and artificial neural networks.

His next project was to create a standalone musical composition instrument with tomandandy music. Joseph worked as a software engineer and consultant on various projects, eventually becoming director of the New York office of Blacksmith, a Virginia-based consulting firm.

Software development, finance, and crypto were central during my time with Goldman Sachs, eMagine’s consulting work on the Identrus project, and the creation and operation of a set of hedge funds.

Joseph moved to Kingston, Jamaica to work on many projects in the music industry. After two years in the music project, Joseph co-founded the Ethereum project and has most recently been with ConsenSys since January 2014. is a venture production and consulting studio that develops developer tools and decentralized applications for the Ethereum platform.

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