Bitcoin with Ukraine flag blue and yellow background. Electronic crypto currency.

The UN Conference on Trade and Development has published a ranking of countries (PDF), indicating the proportion of their population that owns cryptocurrencies. Ukraine ranks first with a share of 12.7%, followed by Russia (11.9%), and Venezuela closes the top three, in which about 10% of the population owns virtual money. Belarus, open to everything cryptocurrency, took 19th place in the rating with a share of 3.7%.

The report notes that during the pandemic, the use of cryptocurrencies has become more popular, especially in emerging economies. The document points to the negative impact of growing popularity: it can lead to additional risks both for the local economy and at the global level.

To avoid a negative impact, experts recommend ensuring the regulation of the cryptocurrency market, limiting advertising of cryptocurrencies, and providing the public with convenient methods of electronic payments, including through the introduction of their digital currency.

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